Introducing GOOD VIBES

It all started more than 20 years ago.

In the beginning, our company was called AromaSignatures because each blend was created as a signature blend for a specific person.  From there, it grew as more people requested blends for specific issues in their lives.  The next thing we knew, we had a very extensive line of essential oil blends.  Somehow our company grew by word of mouth to the degree we were invited to have our oils in luxury spas and even had a representative in Hong Kong.

As life would have it, faced with a health issue in our family, our focus was shifted from our business to personal healing. And our essential oil blends were an essential part of the healing journey.

Fast forward to now and we are ready to begin sharing our essential oil blends with the world again.

You may be wondering how we came to decide on the name GOOD VIBES Essential Oils.

We decided it was time for a rebranding and felt it was important our name represented the things that are inspiring and important to us as a company and also what makes our blends special.

Most people are first attracted to essential oils by their scent.  When actually essential oils have much much more that they bring to our wellbeing. It’s the vibrational qualities that each oil has that create the shifts and make us feel good.  When you combine these vibrational qualities within a blend, the synergy is very powerful yet very gentle.

Essential oils have the power to shift the energy in a room as well as our own energy field and this is a vibrational quality that is able to reach into our very soul. It is this energetic and vibrational quality of essential oils in general and of our blends in particular that our name GOOD VIBES represents.