FAQs and Product Information

Why choose Good Vibes Essential Oils?

There are several reasons why we firmly believe that our products stand out even in today’s market place where you can choose from many aromatherapy and essential oil products. Firstly, we believe our essential oil blends speak for themselves – take a sniff and compare! Secondly, I have been blending essential oils for over 2 decades and most of the blends we offer in our line-up are time-tested and proven formulations. Thirdly, all our essential oil blends have been created for a friend, client or family member because there was a need, not because we wanted to sell a crowd-pleaser product. Finally, as a scientist and Reiki master, I bring scientific research, intuition as well as an understanding of the vibrational qualities of the natural essential oils into my formulations.

Are your essential oils pure and natural?

Yes, all essential oils used in our products are 100% pure and natural. I have worked with most of my essential oil suppliers for 2 decades and I know they are reliable and offer pure and natural essential oils sourced specifically for aromatherapy use. Furthermore, I personally check the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and in most cases the GC/MS analysis as well to confirm the quality of the essential oils I use as ingredients.

Are your essential oils therapeutic grade?

Yes, they are. Please note that therapeutic grade is not a defined standard. It generally refers to pure and natural (unadulterated) essential oils that were produced for the aromatherapy market. All essential oils used in our products fulfill these criteria.

Are these products non-GMO?

Yes, they are non-GMO. Essential oils for aromatherapy are from non-GMO plants. We expect it to remain that way as there is simply not enough production to warrant the cost of GMO development and so far, it has been a non-issue.

Are your products organic?

The USDA grants organic certification so does the European Agriculture Commissioner. And while a large number of essential oils come from North America and Europe, essential oils are produced all over the world and many producing countries do not have organic certification and control programs. Another concern for small producers is the cost and time involved in receiving organic certification which adds an extra hurdle even if they do follow organic growing standards.

In the last few years offerings of certified organic essential oils have increased substantially, especially from some European and North American producers. Despite this increase the availability of organic essential oils still only reaches a relatively small percentage of available plant species and chemotypes. At this time many aromatherapy and essential oil product companies are facing a choice to either offer organic products and limit the number of essential oils they are able to use in the formulations, or they continue using the multitude of beneficial essential oils that are available on the market in their blends.

I do use organic oils whenever possible, but with using 10-16 different essential oils in each blend, none of my blends can be considered 100% organic at this point.

On a very personal note: we purchase all our produce, meat, dairy etc. organic and have done so for years. We prefer to buy from local farms or farmers markets, and we purchase fair trade coffee. These qualities are very important to us for our diet and lifestyle and they are very important to us in our products as well. Especially keeping in mind that we are the biggest users of our own products and we created them for friends and family. We hold ourselves to a high standard – in everything.

Do you use fair trade ingredients?

Essential oils for the aromatherapy market generally are produced by farm co-operatives and small distillers. The market for aromatherapy essential oils is small compared to, for example the coffee market, so “fair trade” (or unfair trade for that matter) generally doesn’t come into play in the same way.

Do you use wild-crafted essential oils?

Yes, a number of the essential oils I use are wild-crafted. The biggest concern with these is the ecology of their collection and production. As a matter of point, I regularly get a newsletter informing me about crop quality, availability and harvest expectations and how that will affect the price of the essential oils for the next year or season. Another point to watch for, are listings of endangered species. For example, I have replaced essential oils of both Indian Sandalwood and Bois de Rose (Rosewood) as both of these are considered endangered.

How long will my Good Vibes product last?

With daily use of 5-10 drops the diffuser blends will last you about a month. For the roll-on products we don’t have an exact time as it depends on your usage, which we recommend you do daily. With daily use we expect you use it up in about 1-2 months. If you want to know how long they stay fresh, please see the answer under shelf-life.

What is their shelf life?

Shelf life, the amount of time before you want to use it up, is about 1 year. The more appropriately you store it, the longer and better it will last. Essential oils do not like light, so keeping them in darkish place helps – your purse or bag for example. The coloured glass bottles help protect the products, but it is best not to expose them to direct sunlight. Essential oils also do not like heat, so keeping them in a cool place is best. Heat and light cause them to oxidize and degrade. With the roll-on bottles, please replace them if they smell rancid. We recently found a bottle of massage oil that had been left in an insulated bag (so dark and cool) and even after about 10 years it was still perfectly good to use.

Where can I find the ingredients listed?

We show select ingredients on the product pages or the website, specifically in the individual product listings. We also show the main ingredients on the labels as required by Canadian labeling requirements. As there is not enough space to list all of the essential oils used, it lists the main 5 or 6 while the others are listed under the “parfum” item, again as required by Canadian labeling requirements. We do NOT use any synthetic chemicals in any form. We are passionate about the purity and quality of our products! For obvious reasons we do not disclose all essential oils used in our proprietary blends. If you do have specific questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

Besides diffuser use, how else can I use the diffuser blends?

These are pure, undiluted essential oil blends and as such need to be used in a diffuser. Do not use essential oils internally. Do not use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. We do not recommend any other usage. Keep out of reach of children.

Please follow the instructions that came with your diffuser. For small candle and ultrasonic diffusers and for small rooms, we recommend using about 5-6 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend. For larger diffusers or large rooms, we recommend using 10-12 drops. For air-pump diffusers, please follow the guidelines that came with your diffuser.

Can I use these if I’m pregnant?

Please consult your doctor or primary health care provider before using aromatherapy or essential oil products. If you choose to explore the use of aromatherapy or essential oils during your pregnancy, you can also consult a qualified clinical aromatherapist.

Can I use these if I’m breastfeeding?

Please consult your doctor or primary health care provider before using aromatherapy or essential oil products.

I’m on medication, can I use your products?

Several essential oils are known to interact with certain types of medications. Please don’t use essential oils or essential oil blends without consulting with your pharmacist or doctor first.

I have a health concern, which product would you recommend for me?

If you have a specific health concern, please talk to your doctor or primary health care practitioner. Aromatherapy and essential oil blends can be considered as supportive modalities. Your doctor or health care provider can make recommendations as to what might be appropriate for your situation.

None of the statements on this website should be construed as medical advice!