Diffuser Blends

When you’re looking for a way to shift or lift the energy in your home or office, diffuser oils will give you a natural way of doing this. Depending on the mood you want to create, we have many products to choose from.

Currently we offer six different blends for diffuser use.

Anxiety No More – brings you into present moment and refocuses your thoughts and rebuilds your inner strengths.
Inner Balance – brings grounding, centering and balance so you can operate from a place of inner peace and calmness.
Mind Power – clears away the cobwebs of the mind and improves mental clarity and focus; the ideal blend for studying.
Sleep Well – calms the inner chatter and soothes your mind and body to lull you into a good night’s sleep.
Stress Be Gone – eases stress and nervous tension, balances your emotions and strengthens your nervous system.
Uplifting & Joyful – a liquid ray of sunshine to uplift your spirit and help you lose the blues.

Use 5-10 drops in your favorite diffuser at home and at the office. Pure and concentrated essential oils – for diffuser use only! We recommend ultrasonic diffusers.

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