Our Team

Meet Dr. Kreis, co-founder and Master Mixologist

I have a very deep connection with essential oils and am grateful to be able to share this with others through my blends. My journey with essential oils began when I was in University.  In one of my chemistry courses I learned how to extract the oils and that prompted me to do research on essential oils.  I decided to test them out and began using them to support me when I was studying.  I noticed a difference in my focus and attention and that intrigued me.  I continued to use the oils myself from that point on.

Because there are so many people in need at this time on the planet we feel very drawn to help bring balance to the body, mind and soul.   We believe that the intention behind our blends is as important as the other elements that make it special.

Along with our intention, all of my blends are a combination of knowledge learned through scientific research, experience, the wisdom of ancient cultures, and a deep love and respect of nature.


I attended the University of Darmstadt where I received my Ph.D. (Dr.Ing.) in natural sciences and am now teaching Organic Chemistry at Simon Fraser University. Master practitioner of NLP and Reiki Master. As an aromatherapist I have worked with essential oils for 3 decades creating unique essential oil blends for family, friends and clients.

Meet Lynn Robinson, co-founder and Visionary Extraordinaire

My passion is to help people live a happy, healthy balanced life. My study of the mind body connection began more than 20 years ago when I had cancer. It put me on a path of self-discovery which led to Neuro Linguistic Programming and the study of the brain and how our thoughts directly affect our results in life. My work is based on the newest research in Psychoneuroimmunology and the practical application of this research in our everyday lives, giving us tools to perform optimally and achieve our dreams. Our essential oil blends naturally stimulate the brain and therefore support my work in helping people to change and evolve comfortably.

My work has allowed me to work internationally holding workshops in the UK, USA and Canada for corporations as well as for the general public. At every event, our essential oil blends were there giving my clients a product they could take with them to support their wellbeing.

In 2006 I was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer and was able to heal my body on my own using all the tools and techniques I have been teaching as well as our essential oils. I am very grateful to be healthy, well and thriving.


Certified Trainer of (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of NLP, Former faculty member of Waters Corporate University, Founder of The Robinson Group Training and Consulting Corp., Reiki Master, Colour Therapy Trainer, Chopra Centre Certified Yoga Instructor.